J&J Deals with More Talc Cancer Lawsuits after $55M Verdict Loss


J&J is charged in more than 1,000 claims in state and federal courts of neglecting researches linking? Its Shower-to-Shower product and Johnson’s Baby Powder to ovarian cancer. Women contend the company understood the threat and cannot caution customers. In February, J&J lost a $72 million decision in the very same St. Louis court house to the family of a woman who passed away of the condition. You can claim lender liability here lazycinema.co.

The more talc decisions that boil down against them contributes to the general public s growing mistrust of their baby powder, which is among their famous items, stated Carl Tobias, who teaches product-liability law at the University of Richmond in Virginia. There are both economic and reputational concerns that might inspire them to start thinking of an international settlement of these cases.

J&J ought to think about establishing a settlement program to get rid of the talc cases, stated Tobias, who isn’t involved in the case.

State court jurors Monday granted $5 million in payment and $50 million in punitive damages to Gloria Ristesund, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 after utilizing J&J’s talc-based feminine hygiene products for almost 40 years. Ristesund’s cancer, after she underwent a hysterectomy, is in remission.


Science has actually been basic and consistent over the last 40 years: There s an increased danger of ovarian cancer from genital use of talc, Allen Smith, Ristesund’s attorney, informed jurors Friday. Ristesund used talc for four years uninformed there were any health issues, he stated.


Talc’s Safety

J&J, the world’s biggest maker of health-care products, rejected any link in between talc and ovarian cancer or any have to warn women. The company will appeal the verdict, Carol Goodrich, a J&J spokeswoman, stated in an e-mailed statement.


Unfortunately, the jury’s choice breaks 30 years of studies by medical specialists around the word that remain to support the safety of cosmetic talc, Goodrich said. Johnson & Johnson has constantly taken questions about the safety of our items extremely seriously.


The jury cleared J&J’s provider and co-defendant, Imerys Talc America Inc., of any liability.


The result was a slim success for the plaintiff, with jurors voting 9-3 for Ristesund, the minimum required? The panel initially voted 7-5 for Ristesund, said juror Devon Small, 26, of St. Louis.


Jurors had a hard time to agree on whether talc was a contributing factor in ovarian cancer, stated jury forewoman Teri Brickey, 45, of St. Louis. After we